Locanda in San Francesco

Culatello di Zibello is the “cousin” of Parma dry cured ham. With its moldy and complex aromas, it is also known as the King of cold cuts. We like to combine it with other traditional products such as Saba, which is poured into the pears to give the plate the right balance between sweet and bitter.

This dish combines the quality of our regional food with the overseas tradition. The meat comes from Wagyu beef breed, grass-fed on the hills of Bologna. The Caesar sauce contains all the right ingredients that perfectly match with the tartare, such as anchovies, eggs and Worchestershire sauce. This combination creates the best comfort food with a touch of modernity.

Tortellino by itself is the landmark of Modena. It represents the hug to welcoming every visitor in
the town. We like to serve them with Parmigiano Reggiano cream to best match the most classic
tradition in one plate.

The Chef

Another great dish in our traditional food culture is “tortelloni”. A fresh egg pasta stuffed with
ricotta cheese and wild herbs like spinach, beet greens and parsley. The most common way to eat
them is with butter and fresh sage in order to give them the right scent, without overwhelming the
delicate taste of the filling.

To best enjoy the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena you don’t need that much. But if you put it on beef tenderloin, then it becomes the best partnership ever. The fillet is cooked sous vide to give it the perfect tenderness and preserve all the nutrients.

Torta sabbiosa literally means sandy cake, due to its texture which reminds a sandcastle. It is made only with potato starch, so it is also recommended for gluten-intolerant people. It is perfect combined with mascarpone cheese cream.


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