the chef


Nicola Petrucci was born in Modena in 1992. Since he was a child, food has been his passion, which, thanks to the presence of a great Chef in his family, Marta Pulini, has been consolidated and strengthened. Marta Pulini, leaving her mark in Italy, especially in Modena working with the great Massimo Bottura and also in America where she has taught cooking classes and she has organized catering services for famous personalities such as Robert De Niro, Steve Martin and Isabella Rossellini has been a reference point for the young Chef. Nicola Petrucci graduated in Pollenzo with a degree in Gastronomic Sciences, where he developed a great
sensitivity about the deep relationships between gastronomy and environmental sustainability. His curiosity drives him to travel the world, from India to Napa Valley, in search of new flavors, bringing with him each time some new gastronomic “contamination” Back in Modena, he becomes food manager of one of the most established Italian caterers. In 2021 he lands at Locanda In San Francesco as Executive Chef. His great love and connection with his land make him a proud ambassador of tradition but always looking to the future. He is a wine and music lover , passions that he continues to cultivate in his spare time.


Tortellini small Timbale made, according to an old recipe, in semi-sweet crust with white Veal Ragù and served in individual portions.”